Live to Impact.

Welcome to my Reality!

Who I Am

I am a Google Venkat Panchapakesan Award recipient of 2018. Having met the YouTube CEO, VPs & Heads of different products @ Google, I'm inspired to create products that can positively impact people & our environment. Technology, Impact & Sustainability are my three key focuses.


What I Do

I'm driving myself to become one of the next generation of Product Managers. I'm currently heading the Product & Growth of @Archfiend Studio. I was trained in Virtual Reality through @Facebook School of Innovation program and is now assigned as teaching assistant for teaching VR in Universities across India.


My Work

My works have always involved between technology and leadership. These works has helped me validate my true abilties and will stand as a record of whom I am.

Say Hello.

I am building a product (with billion dollar market potential) to penetrate into the automobile industry & boost up it's growth. I'm looking for students in Kochi area to come join us. You will be given stock options as we want this to be your company. Shoot an email or schedule an office-hour with me to join us.

Experience & knowledge is to share. I believe helping others grow is itself a growth. We all have come through strugles and we all face challenges in life. Continuing my education in college was a big deal for me during those times. If you're a student strugling to continue your education, or looking to seek guidance, or someone who think I might be able to help you, feel free to shoot an email to me.